Saturday, November 10, 2018

Spelling Bee

Round 1 (words with 3 letters)

fun, tea, car, kit, pea, arm, bad, ask, for, ant, see, bee, leg, why, run, may, did, cat, had, fry, can, sun, fit,  peg, its, fat, get, add, try, one, off, dog, son, yes, son, her, two, icy, his, win, key, low, box, egg, saw, who, log, wet, ran, ate, pig, tip, fly, cry, jog, wig, sky, way, dew, law, ray, elf,

Round 2 (words with 4 letters)

dear, mate, over, road, next, love, than, drop, lion, rock, rule, even, mean, note, take, twin, lose, bait, dare, barn, move, bowl, stay, rode, hook, name, knew, save, pile, tour, west, nest, fair, fool, most, dice, even, wear, term, lead, deal, tune, coin, size, jazz, free, wide, chat, seat, luck, bake, wise, gift, tiny, pony, rich, play, pass, salt, wool, bush, fork, jelly, stir, boil, pick, wave, gold, knit, walk, club, easy, high, join, yoga, type, dirt, jail,

Round 3 (words with 5 letters)

brain, hobby, teach, catch, floor, north, smoke, uncle, today, prize, south, France, greet, stare, world, tight, belly, check, quiet, hilly, break, Wales, tower, raven, stork, robin, curly, cheek, fight, noisy, truth, raise, stuff, flute, dodgy, until, eagle, trade, maybe, worse, cycle, beard, reply,  least, daily, guest, shiny, fetch, coach, pilot, royal, guide, reach, plate, empty, Swede, light, saint, brake, sword, third, thumb, China, quick, stray, muddy, stove, cloth, pitch, drown, giant, booth, rhyme, recite, skive, youth, viper, wrist, patch,  dodgy, avoid, angle, blush, dairy, delay, might, newly, rigid, straw, waist, width, thief, owner,

Round 4 (words with 6 letters)

except, around, coffee, freeze, salmon, future, raffle, absent, office, donate, minute, cousin, hoover, knight, airbed, cuddle, follow, nation, theory, easily, midday, statue, bruise, divide, packet, cuddly, design, island, pretty, pepper, stingy, double, attack, greedy, advice,second, famous, Baltic, height, injury, loaves, knives, caught, sledge, wicked, orphan, length, plague, plough, square, tongue, vacant, yoghurt, bridal, fidget, pigeon, method, blazer, browse,oxygen, engine, insane, sketch, breath, lecture, oxygen, plague, reward, worthy,

Round 5 (words with 7 letters)

promise, company, private, excited, chimney, crowded, recycle, rubbish, sweetie, quietly, freckle, primary, believe, beanbag, quarter, trinket, subtract, feather, grizzly, unknown, butcher, cheetah, chemist, conquer, science, achieve, armoury, further, goggles, athlete, stomach, puzzled, primary, awkward, baggage, decency, drought, peasant, scenery, vampire, referee, variety, succeed, archive, ability, breathe, butcher, exhibit, luggage, package, puzzled, referee, service, surgeon, variety, ironing

Round 6 (words with 8 letters)

decorate, previous, mushroom, yourself, relative, national, anywhere, straight, secretly, reindeer, terribly, happily,thousand, engineer, entrance, keyboard, business, mortgage, shopping, daughter, continue, seashell, omelette, barbecue, mosquito, audience, brightly, describe, laughter, mechanic, twilight, currency, gorgeous, junction, strength,  medieval, approach, chainsaw, dazzling, identity, multiply, stitches, symphony, thrilled, pleasure, struggle, generous, assembly, astonish, circular, cylinder, graffiti,

Round 7 (words with 9 letters)

dangerous, character, racehorse, fairyland, terrified, beautiful, Christian, conductor, disappear, ourselves, paragraph, territory, geography, gymnastic, houseware, Norwegian, partridge, biography, dodgeball, technical, secondary, resources, reference, publisher, awareness, chemistry, democracy, equipment, forbidden, poisonous, withstand, stumbling, withering, voicemail, dimension, discovery, similarly, exhausted, architect, committee, geography, reluctant,

Round 8 ( words with 10 letters)

adjective, aggressive, chimpanzee, discussion, Lithuanian, thoughtful, volleyball, profession, accountant, definitely, earthquake, enthusiasm, especially, journalist, leprechaun, millennium, ambassador, appearance, delightful, discipline, playwright, snowplough, vocational, cornflower, powerfully, foreground, courageous, permission, appearance, punishment, connecting, journalism, triangluar,

Round 9 (Words with 11 letters)

immediately, masterpiece, rectangular, participate, adventurous, achievement, celebration, checkpoints, competitive, overcrowded,  jeopardized, quadrillion, anniversary, photography, accessories, subtraction, marshmallow,  abomination, monstrosity, 

Round 10 (Words with 12 letters)

unattractive, architecture, geographical, introduction, neighbouring, professional,alliteration, unidentified, championship, independence, malnutrition, civilization, consequences, biodiversity, 
trigonometry, abbreviation, acquaintance, acceleration, subconscious, apprehension, carbohydrate,  satisfaction, intoxication, extinguisher, handkerchief,  interruption, refrigerator, announcement, encyclopedia, 

Round 11 (Words with 13 letters)

entertainment, weightlifting, concentration, globalization, consciousness, enlightenment, mathematician, 
flabbergasted, encouragement, revolutionary, Mediterranean, anticlockwise, precipitation, pronunciation,
autobiography, justification, contamination, biodegradable, biodegradable,  automatically, sophisticated, 

Round 12 ( Words with 14 letters ) 

discrimination, photosynthesis, multiplication, capitalization,  identification, teleprocessing, characteristic, 
infrastructure, acknowledgment, reconciliation, cinematography, , archaeological, hypothetically, 
 thoughtfulness,  congratulation, attractiveness, distinguishing, metaphorically, mountaineering,

Saturday, September 1, 2018


Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community. Its courses are mainly used to teach languages. 

At Kehtna School the English teacher has created groups for forms 3 -9 and is in the process of adding more courses which enable students to practice textbook vocabulary but also more challenging tasks for advanced students. 

Direct links (you need to sign up pr log in using your Facebook account) 

CLICK HERE: For form 9 students

CLICK HERE: For form 8 students

CLICK HERE: For form 7 students

CLICK HERE: For form 6 students

CLICK HERE: For form 5 students

CLICK HERE: For form 4 students

CLICK HERE: For form 3 students

Inglise keele õpetaja on koostamas 4.-9. klassile iga peatüki osas ülesanded, mis võimaldavad harjutada sõnavara õpiku teemadel ja tasemel. Iga teema juures on ka raskema astmega ülesanded kiiremini edasijõudvatele õpilastele. 3. klassis on põhirõhk õigesti hääldama õppimisel ja seepärast kasutame tunnis Memrise asemel teisi keskkondi, kuid kodus kasutamiseks on ka neile sobivaid ülesandeid.

Soovitav on teha end Memrise kasutajaks juba kodus.  (Facebook'i kontoga mitte sisse logida, et vältida olukorda, kus kooli arvutiklassis jätab õpilane ennast Facebook'ist välja logimata)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Favourite Christmas songs (and the least favourite)

Form 4

1) Jingle Bells - 82p
2) Last Christmas - 80p
3) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - 63p
14) Joy to the World - 29p

Form 5

1) Last Christmas - 118p
2) Rocking Around - 106p
3) Santa Claus is Coming to Town - 105p
19) Do you hear? - 26p

Form 6A
1) We Wish You a Merry Christmas - 116p
2) Jingle Bell Rock - 115p
3) Last Christmas - 113p
13) The First Noel - 32p

Form 6B
1) - 2) Jingle Bells / Santa Claus is Coming to Town - 36p
3) Last Christmas - 31p
10) White Christmas - 16p

Form 7
1) All I Want for Christmas is You - 86p
2) Last Christmas - 77p
3) Santa Claus is Coming to Town - 61p
16) Do They Know it's Christmas time? - 11p

Form 8

Form 9
1) All I Want for Christmas is You (M.Carey) - 71p
2) Last Christmas - 61p
3) Holly and Ivy - 50p
13) Little Drummer Boy - 27p

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Grammar exercises

1) Present Simple

Tüüpilised ajamäärused: every day, often, sometimes, always, once a week jne

2) Past Simple

Tüüplised ajamäärused: in 2000, 3 years ago, last week, yesterday

3) Present Perfect

Tüüpilised ajamäärused: today, this month, already, yet, never

4) Present Continous or Present Simple

Tüüpilised ajamäärused kestvas olevikus: Look!, now, at the moment, all day long

5)  Past Continuous or Past Simple

Tüüpilised ajamäärused kestvas minevikus: yesterday at 3, when sth happened, while, the whole day

6) Mixed tenses

7) Mixed tenses (multiple choice)

8) Word order in questions

9) Forming questions

10) Pronouns

11) Mixed Pronouns (Multiple choice)

12) Time prepositions

13)  Location prepositions

14) Mixed prepositions (vali alt MIXED PREPOSITIONS)

15) Prepositions  - the Bus

16) Prepositions - McD